Book your Acreage Mowing and Services

It takes specialised equipment and experience to effectively service large areas such as constuction blocks, parklands and acreage.

Our acreage services sees us visiting many large residential properties and living complexes, maintaining the lawns and gardens. Ongoing maintenance of these areas is far more cost effective than allowing weeds like kangaroo grass and wheat grass to grow rampant towering to heights of 1.5 metres which creates safety hazards such as hidden foreign objects, ditches, potholes and broken branches; and lets not forget providing the perfect stomping ground for snakes and spiders.

Properly maintaining raw lots and construction blocks assists in increasing buyer interest during the early stages of development, clears the way for accurate assessment of site make-good and clean-up; and when at the presentation stage, provides a clear line of site making it easier for your clients to envisage their future home on the property.

Lawn Repair & Rejuvenation

Our quality acreage services will leave your property always looking their best. We pay particular attention to play areas being properly groomed, patios and decks kept clear of fallen branches and leaves, gardens tidied and tree branches pruned to safe heights.

  • rural properties
  • pad sites
  • undeveloped lots
  • acreage homes
  • construction blocks
  • residential complexes

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