Book our Garden Clean Up

When your garden has grown wild and taken over your property, our garden clean up service is a cost effective way of getting everything in your gardens under control.

Our popular half-day and full-day clean-ups have us work on all facets of your property. Starting with weeding, hedging and tidying up the garden, we move onto the chainsaws to prune back those lanky trees and groom the sago’s, hespa’s and other palms. We can then pressure clean driveways, walls and brickwork to bring back that new lustre with bright colours and sharp lines, fix up and rejuenate fences and gates; clear, clean and repair old mouldy gutters and then a full mow, edge and blow down to finish off the job, to leave the property looking sparkling new.

Lawn Repair & Rejuvenation

Our garden clean up services will leave your property looking fresh and groomed with sharp edge-lines around the house, fencelines, driveways and footpaths.

  • Vacating tenants
  • Property evaluation
  • Incoming tenants
  • New property
  • Rejuvenation
  • Storm clean up

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