Book Your Lawn in for our Weed Control Program

With weed control integrated into your regular lawn maintenance, your lawn will always present at its best, free from those unsightly weeds like clover and cats ear.

Keeping your lawns free from weeds is essential to not only maintaining the health of your grass, but it also reduces the cost of mowing and makes the yard attractive for the children to play and the family to enjoy time outdoors.

Having an unusually wet Spring and early onset of heat this year, we have seen the weeds, especially the clover, bindi's, khaki and mallow thriving and taking over lawns from Shailer Park through to Balmoral and right out to Augustine Heights.

Lawn Repair & Rejuvenation

Don't let your lawns get inundated with weeds, call us now before your lawns are damaged and we will start a lawn program that eliminates the weeds and maintains a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year.

Our quality lawn services will leave your property always looking fresh and groomed with sharp edge-lines around the house, fencelines, driveways and footpaths and a full blow-down on each service which includes removing all the clippings on the nature strip and roadside.

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